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Is a hidden leak costing you money?

Some leaks are all too easy to find. Others are almost completely invisible, but they can do just as much damage. Because hidden leaks can go undetected for an extended period of time, they can both waste an exorbitant amount of water and cause significant damage to your walls or flooring. Thankfully, Cyrious Plumbing, LLC can find hidden leaks without having to knock any holes in your walls. Our state-of-art equipment allows us to locate leaks electronically — in much less time and for much less money.

Any of the following could indicate a hidden leak:

  • A sudden increase in your monthly water bill
  • The sound of running water when nothing is turned on
  • Damp or discolored walls and flooring
  • New cracks in your foundation
  • Uneven plant growth directly surrounding your home

If any of these conditions are true, you can check for a leak against your water meter by marking the usage indicator before and after a period of non-use. If the indicator changes, something is wrong. Of course, the best way to know for certain whether you have a hidden leak is to bring in a professional Waterbury plumber.

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Cyrious Plumbing, LLC has been locating and repairing leaks in Waterbury for more than 30 years. Though the available technology has improved considerably over this time, our commitment to prompt, reliable service remains entirely the same. All parts and labor are guaranteed for a full year, and we've achieved an A+ Rating from the Better Business Bureau (BBB). Don't wonder about your pipes any longer.

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